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About Our Herd

Rainbow Riders is home to a beautiful herd of horses who are housed in a small stall barn on our property. Each week our team of dedicated horses provides equine-assisted activities and therapies to a diverse group of participants. 

Each of Rainbow Riders’ therapy horses are selected, trained, and cared for according to criteria developed in combination with industry standards and requirements specific to our program, activities, and riders. Joining us from all backgrounds, our horses are versatile and varied, allowing Rainbow Riders to accommodate all of our riders and unmounted sessions. They truly are the therapists in the riding & unmounted sessions.


Sponsorship opportunities are available to help support the day-to-day care of our wonderful herd.

Our students are why we do it -
Our horses are how we do it!
Meet Our 1,000 Pound Therapists

Hoof prints over the rainbow bridge

In loving memory of our incredible therapy horses who have left forever hoof prints on our hearts

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